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Icomply Labour and Agricultural Compliance specialists

Icomply Horticultural Compliance Specialist is a Premium Labour Hire company under the Australian Government’s Pacific Labour Mobility Scheme.

We aim to provide supreme labour solutions to the Horticultural and Meatworks sectors with a core focus on Cultural Understanding and Cultural Framework to provide a happy and productive Workforce.

Our extensive network spans the Pacific, enabling us to secure outstanding and reliable staff for our broad clientele in four specific regions: Stanthorpe, Burdekin, Toowoomba, and Armidale.

About Us

Get the pastoral care right, and everything else falls into place!

It is a simple mantra on which Icomply has built its business and reputation, making us internationally renowned as the premier Labour Hirer throughout the Pacific.

Icomply is not your generic Labour Hire organisation. Our core focus is working with our Pacific partners to ensure that a reliable and diligent workforce is not only selected in participating countries, but also that the effective management of the workforce upon arrival ensures higher productivity due to our in-depth cultural understanding and awareness.

Workers engaging in the Seasonal worker programme are renowned as humble, diligent, and hardworking. They are an exceptional alternative to traditional backpackers. Their ability to work for the entire season and return season after season ensures stability, reliability, and productivity for employees seeking these traits.

Icomply ensures candidate selection is handled in-country and in person by the business Directors. It also works with farmers to ascertain an understanding of their requirements, then traveling to the Pacific to recruit all workers in person through the various Labour Sending Units throughout the Pacific.

Upon arrival, Icomply has an unrivalled pastoral care model to ensure that our team have settled into their roles with constant support and supervision. With a core focus on ensuring that they maintain a strong cultural identity, our in-depth knowledge of cultural awareness and appropriateness ensures that a happy team is a productive one, resulting in the teams at Icomply being the most trusted and efficient in the programme.

What We Do

The PALM scheme enables employers to recruit workers to fill positions for seasonal placements (short-term) of up to nine months or longer-term placements of between one and four years (long-term). Seasonal and longer-term workers can be employed in any sector in all regional and rural postcodes, while all Australian businesses in the agriculture sector can participate in the scheme.

Icomply, as an approved employer, can assist with access to workers in Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu Pacific regions.

I am so thankful to Icomply and its management for providing me an opportunity to come and work in such a great company that provides so much support to all of us . I am entering my third year with Icomply now and they have helped support my family in ways that I would not have been able to if I was not provided this opportunity

Pesio - Samoa

As a single mother, I am very grateful to Icomply for enabling me to come and work to support my son.

I am now in my second year with Icomply, and have almost finished the renovation to my house thanks to this opportunity.

Melina vanuatu

I had to make a hard choice to leave professional volleyball to support my family by doing seasonal work, but Icomply said to me why can’t you do both. They built me a volleyball court to train, and have provided me support to compete in tournaments in Australia to continue my dream of going to the Olympics all whilst being able to do seasonal work to support my family.

I am so grateful to Icomply for this opportunity

Loti Joe – Professional Beach volleyballer Vanuatu

I have worked for several labour hire companies, but moved to Icomply three years ago and have never been happier. In that time, I have completed two houses one for my family and one for my parents, and for that I am truly thankful.

This year Icomply recruited my wife who has joined me in Australia for the first time, and I am very thankful for that.

Albert Desnie - Vanuatu

Icomply have provided me with a great opportunity to help sustain a better lifestyle for my family and enable me to build a house back home in the Solomon Islands 

I am now into my second year, and this year, Icomply recruited my daughter to come. This enables us to earn double the amount of income, and for this, our family is forever thankful. God bless Icomply.

Doreen Rex – Solomon Islands

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