Growing The Pacific

Icomply has formed strategic partnerships with stakeholders throughout the Pacific to ensure that the Pacific continues to prosper, which is only enhanced by the prospects of sending their citizens to undertake seasonal work.

Vanuatu Volleyball Federation and Icomply Partnership

Icomply’s Strategic Partnership with the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation Association has led to the establishment of the Seasonal Work and Sporting Dreams Pilot.

This innovative project has resulted in elite sportswomen in the Pacific not being lost to Seasonal work but having the opportunity to undertake Seasonal work while continuing to not only play at a professional level representing their country but also develop and harness their skillset, resulting in improved performance and knowledge in their respective sports.

Icomply is proud to have some of the country’s best Beach Volleyball players undertake Seasonal work in Australia whilst continuing to train and compete at an elite level. Icomply has built purpose-built Beach Volleyball courts to enable daily training and provides support to these elite sportswomen to travel on weekends to compete at elite sporting events throughout Queensland, with the support of Icomply allowing them to have access to some of the best coaching and tournaments in Australia, thus enabling them to enhance their experience so that when National duty calls they are in Peak condition ready to Represent Vanuatu With pride.

Vanuatu Cricket Association and Icomply Partnership

This partnership has enabled the majority of the men’s and women’s Cricket teams in Vanuatu to undertake seasonal work while also competing on the weekend in Australian competitions. It has also given the players facilities and access to cricket pitches unavailable in Vanuatu.

The formation of the Icomply Cricket Academy has resulted in specialised teams for both men’s and women’s representatives of Vanuatu to play against some of Australia’s elite cricketers, gaining invaluable experience whilst also earning a great income to support their families. Icomply has also formed partnerships with Cricket clubs in Townsville and Stanthorpe so that these elite sportsmen and women can integrate into the community and compete for various clubs in those regions on weekends.

To date, the National sides have taken leave from seasonal work with the support of Icomply to compete in tournaments representing Vanuatu, In Malaysi, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Dubai.

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