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Icomply handles all its recruitment through the various Labour Sending Units throughout the Pacific. We do not directly recruit any applicants and can not accept any direct applications.

Should you desire to work with Icomply, the first step is to ensure you are in the various “Work Ready Pools” established in your Pacific Nations Labour Sending Unit.

When it comes time for Icomply to recruit potential applicants, we submit the relevant recruitment plan to the Australian Government for approval. Once our recruitment plan is approved, Icomply will work with the various labour-sending units in countries where our recruitment requirements are being undertaken.

Icomply has strong relationships with the organisations we work through for our recruitment.


Icomply works with the Department of Labour in Vanuatu to undertake all our recruitment needs in Vanuatu. We provide the Department of Labour with our requirements, and they then send potential applicants to us based on those requirements. Applicants are sourced from the Vanuatu IRD Database, and profiles are forwarded to Icomply for consideration. We then select candidates based on this information. At this time, the directors travel to Vanuatu for one-on-one interviews of the candidates chosen for the final approval process.

Solomon Islands

Icomply works exclusively in the Solomon Islands with MFAET, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Labour Mobility Unit.

When we seek workers from this region, we contact this department who have a database of workers in what they call their “Work-Ready Pool.” Icomply then provides MFAET with a detailed brief on our requirements.

Candidates are selected from the “Work-Ready Pool,” and resumes are sent to Icomply for assessment. Once a shortlist of candidates is selected, the directors of Icomply fly to Honiara for one-on-one interviews to finalise their selection.

Papua New Guinea

Icomply deals exclusively with the Papua New Guinea Labour Mobility unit for all required recruitment. We do not have any agents or representatives in the region, and candidate selection is undertaken by working closely with the PNG LMU.


Icomply works exclusively with the Samoan Ministry of Commerce and Labour in Samoa for all recruitment requirements from the region.

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