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Icomply is committed to helping with the time-consuming and challenging process of hiring professionals and reliable workers. We have an in-depth knowledge of the Pacific culture and a stringent selection process that ensures we get the right workers to meet client requirements. We coach to your needs and help improve quality and efficiency in your growing business.


Icomply has worked tirelessly to forge close partnerships with a vast network of Labour Mobility Units throughout the Pacific to ensure that high-quality candidates are available. We have also worked hard to gain an understanding of various regions in the Pacific to identify talent from those regions and develop them into a formidable workforce.

We take time to source the suitable candidates. It can be a difficult and time-consuming process; however, our systems ensure reliable candidates are chosen to undergo the next stage of training.


We offer full training and use the Icomply unique method for learning and development in our training programs. This prepares participants for the next step in their careers.


After all the participants have completed their Icomply training programs, they will be allocated to a farm to begin work and help grow your business.


Icomply takes the initiative to build trust and respect with both employees and employers. Ongoing management and coaching during their allocation will help efficiency and employee retention.

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