Customized Training and Assurance

At ICOMPLY we do not only implement systems with regards to compliance we also provide customized training to ensure that all employees not only have an adequate understanding of what we have implemented but are also able to effectively follow your path towards total compliance.

Our customized training and assurance services provide organization with a range of benefits including

  • Ad additional level of assurance to internal and external stakeholders that you are operating to the highest standards
  • Brand Reputation
  • Delivering against any corporate Social Responsibility commitments through customized verification and reporting
  • Competitive advantage through the identification of areas of improvement
  • Employee engagement through our range of customized training services

Following our initial investigation and discussion, each business solution is designed specifically for your organization. You can not compare apples with oranges nor can you have standardized training protocol across the board every horticultural crop is different and we take pride in getting an in-depth understanding of your organization then arrange customized training of your employees to ensure that they are all following the path that we will help you create towards total compliance

Our training will revolve around educating your staff around the changes that ICOMPLY will implement to your organization to ensure total compliance, record keeping and tractability is only as good as the personnel that are implementing the data

At ICOMPLY we believe that a well-trained staff is a productive one, We ensure that all your staff and key personnel are not only trained in what is required but also ensure that they are maintaining the adequate records that are required for total compliance.