ICOMPLY Project Management

ICOMPLY Horticultural Services is an integrated service hub for farmers providing farming solutions from the field, right through to business systems in the office. We are focused on people solutions, on-farm resourcing and asset management that will drive optimal outcomes in productivity and efficiency for your business. We can help you plan, coordinate, and execute projects according to specific requirements, due to years of expert knowledge in developing and implementing successful horticultural systems.

We are a proud family business with extensive horticulture experience and we recognize that people are at the heart of successful projects; they drive change and collaborate on new ways of working. People are everything. And while technology is critical in helping teams perform at their best, technology alone won’t overcome issues with culture or organisational design. Our team will elicit effective results, bringing your horticultural business the following:


ICOMPLY Project Management experts will help your business develop the base it needs to succeed, with best practice Project Management support systems, extensive training and mentoring programs and methodology development tools. Clarity is the cornerstone of every successful project or business transformation. From smaller farms to large scale farming businesses — no matter the size of the project — ICOMPLY’s innovation enables businesses to adapt and respond to changing needs, markets, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

ICOMPLY can quickly establish a clear view of the strategy and constraints that will underpin your farm’s transformation program. The integration and alignment of your projects, people and technology will be identified and implemented by ICOMPLY Project Specialists. This pragmatic approach linked to business objectives and outcomes creates strategic alignment and means fewer surprises, giving horticultural businesses more control over their projects and performance.

We will help define the overall project budget and specific timelines for task completion. While managing the plan, our project management services will operate within a recognized framework that ensures accurate and objective reporting.


With ICOMPLY systems in place, Project Managers, farmers, workers and other stakeholders can work together more efficiently using a common base of knowledge. Understanding when teams are experiencing cultural or social issues or generally lacking confidence, can be a powerful tool in proactively managing issues to discover what team members really need and how to empower them for success, particularly if managing seasonal workforce. Every project success or failure can be traced to the basics of human emotion and interaction. iComply recognises that people are everything and we will plan your project accordingly.


ICOMPLY’s goal is to create inclusive and sustainable solutions that will set your business up for long-term success at every level. We accomplish this through specialised training in a variety of areas and the establishment of specialists in your own organization.

Even better, ICOMPLY solutions come with high-quality resources and hands-on support from Project Management professionals, combining to provide a unique set of solutions for your equally unique business.