SMETA / Fair Farms Audit Preparation

SMETA stands for Sedex Members ethical Trade audit. Sedex is a non-for-profit membership organization that aims to improve ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.


This covers labour standards and health and safety. Environmental and business ethics elements are added for the more comprehensive 4 pillars audit.


To get an understanding of any business once engaged ICOMPLY will come out and conduct a compliance risk assessment. The purpose of this risk assessment is to get a total understanding of your business and for the team at ICOMPLY to firstly identify risks, assess such risks and develop strategies to manage such risks moving forward towards total compliance.

ICOMPLY will establish and prepare a risk management plan and a business impact analysis which are important parts of your business continuity plan.

By understanding potential risks to your business and finding ways to minimise their impacts, ICOMPLY will ensure that your relationships with supply chain partners are strengthened due to your policies, procedures and systems that we identify and implement.


SEDEX audits can be complex, the good news is that ICOMPLY has conducted many SEDEX audits and are experienced in ensuring that your business will pass these audits without any concerns, however in order to ensure that this is the case the team at ICOMPLY will conduct a Pre-Audit Analysis, ensuring that all aspects of your Audit are covered and all requirements of the audit are being met.

We are very experienced in the SEDEX handbook, at this time we will review all company manuals and where required tailor manuals towards total compliance, we can create, guide and implement policies and procedure to ensure total compliance.

As SEDEX is highly geared to the social and ethical management of employees, all facets of management and good workplace practices with an emphasis on ethical fairness for employees, governance and workplace health and safety are paramount to the audit.

Should you fall short in your Audit, this may result in your receiving severs Corrective Actions Requests or CARS
At ICOMPLY by conducting the Pre-Audit Analysis, we ensure that we rectify any areas that need attention prior to the audit


Upon completion of the Pre-Audit analysis, ICOMPLY will get to work ensuring that you have all manuals in place that will make you SEDEX compliant. We will prepare all manuals required and provide adequate training to all staff on the management and upkeep of all manuals.

We will also prepare all the relevant documentation that you will require to maintain a compliant business moving forward with yearly reviews to be conducted prior to each annual audit


The audit process can be daunting and goes for two days, the team at ICOMPLY will attend your audit in the capacity as your compliance consultant and be there to answer any questions that you feel need clarification, we will manage the process from start to finish which also includes following up and rectifying and Corrective Actions that may arise.