Meet the Team



Rodney has over 20 years’ experience working in all facets of the horticultural industry. Growing up working alongside his father and brother at the wholesale produce markets in Sydney, Rodney got a keen understanding of produce and dealing with growers.

He has owned and operated with is family, produce farms, wholesale and retail fruit and vegetable outlets in that time.

More recently Rodney held the position of Head of Operations for one of the largest strawberry growing enterprises in Australia. During this time Rodney was instrumental in increasing the turnover of the operation to in excess of 70M AUD, leading the operation of some 18 growers suppling strawberries to all the major Australian retail chains.

It was during this time that Rodney saw first hand the need for more effective management and training across all facets in the industry, in particularly in labour intensive cropping enterprises. Tasked with ensuring that compliance was adhered across all major growing suppliers, Rodney developed an in-depth knowledge of all facets of compliance, in particular labor management. He implemented systems, policies and procedures to ensure that all compliance was being strictly adhered to, and Labour management and training was at the highest standard.

With a solution orientated approach and experience working on farms, Rodney takes great pride in assisting all farmers provide clarity out of complexity with regards to all horticultural compliance and labour management.

We like to ensure the farmers can do what they do best and that is to farm fresh produce. All other facets of their business such as compliance and management we provide the necessary guidance and training to ensure their business is running in an ethical and compliant manner at all times.



Roy Prestia has vast and varied experience in business management and finance. He was schooled at Sydney’s prestigious The King’s School College, and after completing his tertiary education majoring in business and economics at the University of Technology Sydney.

Roy took up a roll running a large fruit and vegetable import and export corporation, running and working closely with local farmers in establishing large growing areas of fresh produce for local supermarket chains and for the export market, successfully supplying fruit into Asia. With his experience in dealing with growers worldwide, Roy took the role as head of operations for ICOMPLY, using his knowledge in training and management to help coach new employees through their initial phases of employment.


David has been with ICOMPLY since its inception and has risen the ranks to hold the position of National Training Manager, Drawing on his years of experience in managing workforces for some of the largest farm in the region.

Specializing in all aspects of on farm training both initial and secondary training, David is responsible for ensuring at all workers are trained and able to perform their duties in the best possible manner.

Whilst also ensuring continued personal development for all our staff David also acts as the welfare manager for ICOMPLY and is approachable manner makes him a great sounding board for all staff that have any questions or queries.

David is married with two adorable daughters and in his spare time has a passion for soccer and is quite the handy Goalkeeper !



Gina Nunez arrived in Australia in 2019 on a working holiday visa, and after looking at various farms decided on Icomply to complete her farm work. After completing her 88 days Gina found the environment created by ICOMPLY to be a positive and vibrant one and her ability to earn an exceptional, extended her employment with the company.

Displaying a exceptional work ethic Gina, has risen the ranks trough Icomply after holding various positions from picking to supervising now to regional management.

Gina originated from Peru where she graduated with a degree in Law becoming a fully-fledged lawyer. Whilst working in Agriculture in Australia might be a world away from her homeland in Peru and her chosen profession as a Lawyer, Gina utilizes her problem solving skills that she was taught in law in working with our staff and clients each and every day.



Elvis Arrived in Australia in 2019 on a working holiday visa, Elvis was born and raised in Peru and graduated in Management and international business.
Like all our supervisors and managers Elvis has risen the ranks throughout our organization from picking to supervision to now a regional management role.

Elvis has a cheerful and vibrant personality and his experience in management and international business makes him the perfect fit as our Pastoral care manager for the southern Downs region. His role is to oversee the welfare of our Pacific Island team in te region ensuring that they have everything they require Elvis has a fantastic persona that makes him a person that the team can turn to for anything from a requirement they might have or for a friendly ear to talk to when required.



Audrey graduated from the University of Monash with a Bachelor Degree in Business and Accounting. She also completed her Diploma in Interpreting (Mandarin – English). Andrey speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Audrey is equipped with comprehensive knowledge in all areas of accounting including bookkeeping, account receivable, account payable amongst of other skills. She is also a “Master” in Excel and experienced with accounting software such as Xero and Myob.

Since joining our team in August 2020, Audrey has been in charge of weekly payroll, VEVO checks, invoicing, and data entry.



Shoko is a Placement Consultant for ICOMPLY.

Shoko is from Japan. Shoko has done English and Korean language courses in her university back home.

One of her dreams was to live overseas and Shoko travelled to many places before she came to Australia. Shoko decided to do her working holiday in Canada when she finished her university degree in History and Language. After one year of working in Canada, Shoko went back to Japan. Shoko did not give up on her dream to live overseas, and decided to do another working holiday in Australia.

Shoko started her working holiday with a strawberry farm managed by Rodney and Roy and finishing her 88 days, was granted her 2nd year visa. One year later, September 2019, she was offered a job with ICOMPLY as a placement consultant.

Shoko has been helping Japanese, Korean and other nationalities plan their working holiday dreams.



As the Facilities and Logistics Manager within the organisation, Shaun is in charge of ensuring that all our workers welfare with regards to accommodation facilities and transport are met in a timely and diligent manner. Working closely with our Director of Labour Management to ensure all aspects of welfare are being met and all transportation and facilities are kept and maintained to the highest standard.

Shaun has a cheerful personality and takes the time to get acquainted with all our workers to ensure that anything they require is being handled in a swift manner.

Shaun handles the management of logistics ensuring that our workforce is delivered on time to and from work, whilst also ensuring they are all being transported for shopping twice a week to enable them to purchase adequate supplies.

Looking after and overseeing our facilities, Shaun is the first on hand to change a light bulb, fix a toilet or any other issues that may arise in any of our allocated accommodation facilities that we offer.

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