Seasonal Worker Program (SWP)

What is the Seasonal Worker Program?

ICOMPLY is an approved employer under the governments ‘Seasonal Worker Program’ (SWP).

The SWP is an initiative of the Australian government to provide employers with reliable returning workers from Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste to meet unmet labour demands.

The programme assists employers from horticulture, accommodation, aquaculture, cotton, cane and broader agriculture industries with reliable workers for up to 9 months. The experienced workers can then return for further seasons. Under the SWP, workers may be recruited from the following countries, Timor Leste, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

ICOMPLY works closely with our clients to get a close understanding of what their requirements are with regards to labour solutions then takes a mandated approach to deliver the right workers for the right jobs through the SWP.

As part of the process various procedures and protocols must be adhered to with regards to the procurement of workers.

ICOMPLY handles all these steps including:

  • Conducting labour market testing prior to recruitment.
  • Shortlisting candidates on behalf of our clients for interview. We take pride in not just supplying a workforce but becoming strategic partners with our clients. Our method is to have them involved by our side every step of the way throughout the interview process, so that they can assist in the selection of your future team if necessary.
    ICOMPLY understands that not each and every client is the same. Different clients may require different skill sets, physiques, as well as any other mitigating factors that may determine the ultimate success of their future workforce.
  • After selection ICOMPLY will start the process of visa requirements and on arrival of the workforce, we will ready them to start work at a pre-determined date.
  • ICOMPLY will arrange the upfront costs including the workers travel and visas.
  • ICOMPLY will work with our various affiliate partners to source suitable accommodation for the duration of the workers stay in Australia.
  • ICOMPLY will arrange suitable transportation to the workplace from the workers accommodation.
  • ICOMPLY handles all aspects of payroll ensuring all staff are being paid on time every time at the correct rates and awards according to government rules and regulations regarding wages.
  • ICOMPLY will manage superannuation, tax and Workcover obligations.
  • ICOMPLY handles all aspects of pre-departure, working closely with the Labour Sending Unit (LSU) of the country of origin of your future workforce. Having excellent working relationships with these LSU’s is paramount in ensuring that the process is smooth and hassle free.
  • ICOMPLY will arrange the flights and collection of your workforce from the airport to their accommodation. We will also ensure all the necessary requirements such as private health insurance, the opening of bank accounts, and adequate education and training with regards to their new surroundings, are handled in a professional manner to ensure that the assimilation into their new life in Australia and into their employment is a smooth transition.
  • Assisting to manage workers performance, behaviours or any personal issues should they arise, will be supervisors and pastoral care specialists that ensure our workforce is productive and managed to the highest standard. Our management team are on hand to ensure that all workers are trained and stay on the right path throughout their employment.

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